About New Key Homes

The story behind New Key Homes

Why New Key Homes…

When New Key Homes founder, Cliff Gibson built his own house over 10 years ago a passion for building was ignited. After 20 years working in a variety of jobs, from accountancy, logistics, purchasing and most recently 10 years in IT, the opportunity finally came for a change in careers, and to follow a dream to develop properties.

A key driver to switch careers was the need to provide a secure future for his son, Sam. He is (at the time of writing this), a 9 year old boy with Autism and Pathological Demand Avoidance (PDA). Whilst he is an incredibly bright and caring individual, with great skills, there can be a lack of social awareness and extreme anxiety that will likely make for a challenging future. Whilst Cliff had a great IT career, working for a global pharmaceutical firm, there was a defined limit in what he and his wife could provide with a good salaries. The decision to take the gamble, risk everything and start New Key Homes was taken, this would allow Cliff to provide a financially stable future for Sam no matter what challenges and support he needed as he grows older.

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